Introducing The SCAN Employee Store - Our 10th Year!

Welcome SCAN employees, business partners and friends.

We are very proud to be in our 10th season of providing your company branded items through our SCAN employee company store. Your support has made this possible. Thank you!

This year we have added many new items to our store in an effort to offer all SCAN employees a wider selection of personalized items. While most of our items are apparel and include embroidery to help you project a professional, business look, this year we have added a few laser engraved promotional items as well.

Here are a the answers to a few popular questions, in anticipation of your needs ...

HOW TO USE THE WEBSITE? - On the left you will notice we have three sections: APPAREL FOR LADIES, APPAREL FOR MEN and MISC ITEMS. Then on the navigation bar you will notice a button to preview the 3 SCAN LOGOS that are available for use on the items we offer in our store. To select a logo, indicate your choice in the drop down box, along with the color, size and quantity on each item when checking out.

IS THE SITE SECURE? - Please note we need your credit card information to process your order. Don’t worry, our site is safe and your data is secure. How can you tell if a webpage is safe to send your personal data? Look in the top address line. If the http (start of the address) looks like this https (it has an "s" on the end), they have a current SSL certificate on file. This is true for any website. Note: The page you are sending your info in has to look like this. Just because the home page my look like this, it's not important. The checkout page needs to have https at the top. I hope this has helped your online ordering experience.

SIZE CHART? - Also located on the side and bottom navigation bars you will find a link for a "Size Chart". The items in our store come from a variety of manufacturers. And sizes do vary. But we have added this to assist you making the best size selection. Sizes may not always be exact. If you are between sizes, we encourage you to purchase the larger size. Promotional apparel can run a hair small sometimes, depending on the manufacturer.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES? - To start you will notice images below. These are categories. The photos represent the type of products in that category. Below each photo it will tell you the number of products in that section. To view a category, click on the photo to open that section. There are currently 3 category sections in this store.

WHERE DO YOU EMBROIDER ON THE ITEMS? - On all apparel (except caps, bags and misc) we decorate on two locations. We embroider the logo of your choice on the left chest and we embroider the graphic in the SCAN logo on the back yoke of the item.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO SHIP THE ITEMS - Short answer: 2-3 weeks. To help keep the cost down on the items we offer for SCAN, we do not stock any products. On every order, we need to order your item(s) from our manufacturers. Sometimes they take a day, somethings 5 days. Then we decorate them in-house. We hold orders until we get 5 or more pieces to personalize at one time. If we do not receive enough items in 2 weeks, we go ahead and produce the items anyways. Thank you!

DO YOU DO SPECIAL ORDERS? – From time to time we understand that you may have special events and require larger quantities or need items quicker. Either for the company or your own personal needs. Maybe you want something that you don’t see displayed in our website? We are here to help you. So please don’t hesitate to click the CONTACT BUTTON, give us a call at 714-773-1105 or email us at for a quote.

We encourage you to browse through this store anytime 24/7. If you want to know more about the store, please check on the "FAQ's" (frequently asked questions) section at the bottom of each page.

Remember you only get one chance to make a great first impression …


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